Real name: Adam Cobb

Label: Hardest Alliance

Style: Hardcore, Industrial


Booking SkullFuck3r to perform at your event is a unique opportunity to see a very diverse artist perform on the decks. As a producer of many EP's and playing with different styles of music during a set, this man know how to get a croud going. In the summer of this year you will have the 2nd chance to see him in The Netherlands. 

SkullFuck3r / D4RK / Afflictive
DJ / Producer - Hardcore-Techno / Crossbreed / Gabba / Hardstyle / Drum and Bass / Hard Trance / Electro
Label Manager - D4RK R3CORDS
Event Promoter - Squelcher / Octane / RAW / NYE @ Renaissance Rooms 2011
Tracks signed to:
Urban Vandalism Records (Spain)
Hard Kryptic Records (New York)
North Extreme (UK)
Cheeze Graterz (UK)
Deton8 Digital (UK)
Neutralize Records (UK)
Kurrupt Recordings Hard (UK)
Hell is Hard Records (UK)
Nu Energy Records (UK)
Presence Hard (UK)
Insomnia Tracks (UK)
Scum Records (UK)
29 Solo tracks & 5 collaborations under D4rK alias

30 Solo tracks & 2 collaborations under SkullFuck3r alias

+ Many more due for release over forthcoming months.

Tracks featured on Album compilations:
Harder, Louder, Faster - mixed by Mark EG
Kevin Energy - My Rave - Nu Energy Collective
Hard Dance Ibiza 2012
Hands up for Hardstyle Vol 3
Hands up for Hardstyle Vol 4

Events Played:
Tranzmission - Alexandre Palace
Planet Love - Northern Ireland
Hard Dance Ibiza (Es Paradis / Zoo Project)
North / Frantic / Bionic / Freeformation / CyberDog / Party Proactive / Contact / Raindance / Section 18 /
Ravers Are / Octane & Squelcher / RAW / Sinistry / Hell is Hard / Glowball / AWSum / Audio Surgery / Rebellion / Gravity + many more!

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