MC Raw

Real name: Ricky Peroti

Label / Record: X-Tend-IT

Style: Hardcore, Industrial


Mc RAW........... The Legendary Mc RAW!!!! Is the most rewarded mc with in the hardcore (techno-rave)scene.Several times national & international awarded, best mc, best live act, best song.

After building up his legacy in the 90´s, mc RAW quits the stage due to some domestic quarrels in the record company and he retired in 2002.The mc with a voice, like no one has ever heard since will enter the hardcore arena once more. Because of so many requests and demands the undisputed nr.1 will come back to stir things up.

Almost a decade has past and finally the greatest of all time will return. After releasing more than nine albums with RTC and after releasing many hardcore hits.Mc RAW his first solo album ever is a fact With artists like The Darkraver, Chosenfew and massive new talent. Discovered by mc RAW himself.