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Who we are

Hardest Alliance was unofficially founded in 2012 as a project between two DJ's (DJM and UniX-Clan), where they created 'Holland vs Italy' Hardcore mixes. They met via Hardcore Power Radio and decided to cooperate. The project consumed more and more time. Several alliances were sealed with different DJ's across Europe. Where they mainly cooperated in creating DJ sets to play on different internet radio stations, it also helped in their first bookings to play on several events.

In 2013 Hardest Alliance planned its first event where DJ's from across Europe played. This took the Hardest Alliance into 'the next step’. Hardest Alliance is now an official trade name taking up four clusters of activities where they will keep their main focus and stay close to heart. We're working on several new projects for 3Q and 4Q of 2014 and for 2015. 



The main focus of Hardest Alliance is organizing events in Europe and bring the Hardcore sounds back into the local clubs. We have no intention to organize massive and expensive events. Being in the scene since the mid-nineties we have a good knowledge of the evolution of the Hardcore scene and know how to throw a party.



During the years Hardest Alliance met a lot of DJ’s in the scene. It started with sharing music and eventually it resulted in several projects and cooperations. One of the strengths of the Hardest Alliance is our key network, which represents many major DJ’s across the world. For more information, please contact   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Maurice Boiloie - Owner/Technical Director

Allan Smith - General Director

Pieter Vrancken - Commercial Director

Niels Voogt - Marketing Director

Bob Arkema - Financial Director