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Label / Record: Mind Corruption, Violent Recording, Noise Factory and B2k Records

Style: Hardcore, Industrial, Uptempo


When lightning is caressing and coldness, elegance flame burning dancefloor with taste. For DJ TSX ( ), the beating heart of French hardcore, gives life to its industrial leanings with gentlemanly ways - from Tulle, Corrèze ( http :/ / / maps? tulle q = & hl = en & ll = 45.265705 ), where he said the lifelines of music as festive as dark, ripened by the mix of skills DJ and composer.

It actually combines the aggressiveness of its brutal mix ( DJ TSX ) to a precision of execution, the service of the spread of a festive feel down ever since 1997 - the beginning operations. Speed ​​can be baffling. The complete technical. The rich and varied musical culture. But not display, instead of sharing as TSX is an heir to the rave.

So if you get lost in his tracks, long and sophisticated, it is with happiness that lasts since the early 2000s, with many outlets in France and abroad ( http://www.discogs .com / artist / DJ + + TSX ). Because long introductions as well as the multitude of arrangements are tools for precise DJ maniacs. Instruments as narrative and manageable. A track from DJ TSX, it retracts and it goes out in all directions, succession slices beats that revolve galore at all speeds.

For 150 to 250bpm in mix as composition, TSX tells his dancefloor dreamed that where dance can give everything.

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