Black Mamba

Real name: Kevin Bayetto

Aliases: Black Mamba

Label / Record: Hardest Alliance

Style: Industrial Hardcore, Terror


The hardcore Black Mamba snake sneaks in your direction as the energy passes through her ​​body! It is a beast who holds a dancefloor until it bites.
Black Mamba combines the power of a mental warrior, shrouded by intense desire . Inflicting Hardcore!!
Hypnotizing, painfull, Deadly!!!
Black Mamba has passed the Grabuge licence, working close together with him in his home country France.
If you like Industrial Hard sounds... You like a byte of this snake!

Discography :

- Section Grabuge (1312 001) Album CD Section Grabuge "One Step Beyond" (feat. Section Grabuge)
- Macabre Records Album CD "The Trouble Dome" (feat. Section Grabuge)